The Knight Before Christmas Looks Dumb as Hell and of Course I'm Going to Watch It

Can you imagine how bad he smells?
Image: Netflix (YouTube)
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Netflix is releasing its own Hallmark Christmas version of Kate and Leopold and I’m thrilled that sentence exists. The first trailer for Vanessa HudgensThe Knight Before Christmas, about a time-traveling medieval knight who falls in love with a science teacher, is ridiculous, stupid, and sappy, and I am here for it.

The Knight Before Christmas is about a 13th-century knight with fluffy hair named Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) who’s transported to modern-day Ohio by an evil sorceress, just in time for the holiday season! The only thing that will get him home is to figure out how to solve his “one true quest.” Spoilers: It’s love. The quest is love.

While galavanting around the sexiest of midwestern flyover states, Sir Cole meets Brooke (Hudgens), a science teacher who’s totally over the concept of love, and might just need a guy who’s got a healthy dose of chivalry and the bubonic plague to show her how to love again. But I’m sure she’s got a few tricks to teach him too—like how the Earth rotates around the sun, literacy isn’t proof of witchcraft, and, you know, the basic concept of equal rights.


Also, this happens.

That sneak peek at the end is what kills me.
Image: Netflix

The Knight Before Christmas arrives on Netflix on November 21. Happy holidays to me.

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Ah yes, every woman dreams a meeting a man with zero hygiene of any kind, no concept of basic facts of modern life like electricity, and that doesn’t speak the same language as her. Oh, and that has no idea the land he is walking on even exist!

At least in Kate and Leopold (a movie I do like), Leopold came from a time period recent enough to actually speak modern English.

ETA: Now that I have been able to watch the trailer, one more thing: why would he uses his sword to cut a tree? First, no way his sword is that sharp. Second, they had axes in the Middle Ages, and a knight would likely know how to use one.