Star Trek Into Darkness gave us a chase scene with a Klingon patrol ship, and the production team went through several possible designs for the Abrams-timeline vessels. Concept artist Harald Belker has been sharing a few potential ships that didn't make it on film.

Belker, who worked on the film's production team for three months, shared this particular ship design with the site Comic Book Movie, as well as a detailed close-up of a Klingon ship, Starfleet's single-seater ship, and Tom Cruise's folding motorbike from Oblivion. I recommend heading over there to check out all those vehicular concept designs, and checking out two more Klingon ship designs at Film Sketchr, which also has a brief interview with Belker.


At one point, Klingon ships were written out of the film entirely, and Belker was let go from the project. Of course, Klingons eventually got to fly again, this time in ships with flapping wings.

Harald Belker's STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS & OBLIVION Concept Art [Comic Book Movie]

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