The Khaleesi and Zoidberg turn me evil

Emilia Clarke, the indirect namesake of 146 unfortunate girls, is a guest voice in this episode of Futurama. Fittingly, this turns me into an extremely evil person with only brief flashes of humanity, Game-of-Thrones-style.


There are two plots in this week's episode of Futurama, and all they have in common is their ability to bring out the worst in me. It's a jerky, disconnected episode, but it has some good moments.

The first plot has Zoidberg finally finding romance with a flower vendor after he uses his stink to save her from getting mugged. I enjoyed her worshipful praise of him — "You were so brave and frugal!" — but the romance doesn't work for me. To his credit, Zoidberg is willing to give her up. She can't smell anything, and he gives her a nose transplant, knowing his smell will drive her away. As it turns out, she likes bad smells more than good ones. I would have liked it more if she dumped him, though.

The second plot has Bender entering a local tap dance contest. His competitors are assorted well-known Futurama bit characters and one adorable little girl with a heart condition named Tonya. To figure out how adorable she actually is, take a look at her name again — Tonya. Honestly, most of us saw the reveal of her true character coming a mile away, and so the plot doesn't get good until the end. When her heart condition kicks in as she's getting her trophy, and she flatlines onstage with Bender rapturously watching, the plot (and I'm sorry for this) suddenly sprang to life. I was honestly sad when Bender danced on her body and inadvertently restarted her heart. That's right, like Jaime and Cersei, I was hoping for the death of a child.

So it's probably for the best that the show is ending in a week.


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