The Kaiju Threat Is Bigger Than Ever in the New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

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Like, literally. That’s a big fucking Kaiju.

AMC just dropped a brand new trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, giving us a much better look at what’s going down in the film—like, honestly, maybe even a little too much, so consider yourself warned going in.

Not only do we get more about how the Kaiju are returning, seemingly aided by an army of sinister robots from our world, but the fact that the Kaiju are capable of evolving into something much, much bigger, and more powerful than any Jaeger has ever faced before.

Yup, either the Jaegers are gonna need to get some Voltron-style combining features going on, or they’re gonna need some much bigger robots. Either one would be pretty rad, honestly.


Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters March 23.

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The 8 year old in me loves this. The adult sci fi geek keeps saying if they have the tech to build a mech like that surely they have a reasonably good space program. I mean kinetic harpoon anyone? Orbital bombardment? I can understand not going nuke on them but yeesh.