The Justice League's Kids Are Coming From the Future To Kick Their Parents' Asses

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

It’s a plot line we’ve seen time and time again. The children of heroes we know today travel into the past from an apocalyptic future to inform their parents of the colossal mistakes they’re destined to make. In its upcoming (and questionably named) Legacy arc, DC’s getting into the parental drama again.


As overdone as these kind of stories are at this point, the real fun of them has always been less about the plot itself (things almost always work out) and more about seeing the byproducts of romantic relationships on the page. What if Batman and Wonder Woman had a kid? Or Mera and the Flash?

Legacy, written by Bryan Hitch with art from Fernando Pasarin and Oclair Albert, somewhat predictably introduces the son of Wonder Woman and Superman, Cyborg’s child, an Atlantean girl wielding Aquaman’s trident, two Lantern kids, and a girl bearing the Flash’s signature lightning bolt.

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Aside from the Kryptonian/Amazonian kid, it’s a little difficult to parse the parentage of these future heroes, but it’s interesting to ponder how Cyborg managed to sire a child—and what it means that the Green Lantern Twins(?) have apparently inherited their parents’ abilities.

Clearly, the future that these kids come from is a bleak one if their costumes are any indication, which come off like a cross between pieces from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 and something the Morlocks might wear. We’ll find out more about who these new kids are this Wednesday when Justice League #26 hits stores.



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Does a superheroes kid ever become, I don’t know, a registered accountant or something?