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The Justice League goes to War in DC's New 52 animated universe

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Thanks to the straight-to-home video Flashpoint movie, the new animated universe based on DC's New 52 relaunch is officially here. The first movie in this brand-new DCAU? Justice League: War, based on the first six issues of the Justice League comic by Geoff Johns — here's the trailer.


In War, Batman, Superman et al. come together when Darkseid invades Earth from Apokolips, although the heroes doesn't immediately get along, as you can see. I have no idea why Wonder Woman is dressed like that, because that's definitely not her New 52 outfit — it's certainly no more practical that her normal costume, although it is kind of cool.

The movie will be released next year. That's Alan Tudyk as Superman, by the way.

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There was a time,long ago,when Superheroes where...heroes and not superpowered jerks who second-guessed and got into each others faces with an attitude.

There is no place for these idealistic versions of these characters I grew up with in these times. Nobody wants to be "friends" anymore. Like Captain America says in the Winter Soldier trailer "I thought the punishment usually came AFTER the crime". Yeah,not in these times Cap...

But I'm just an old geeser rambling. Pay no mind. :D