What if, instead of meeting as adults, the Justice League met as superpowered children, whose only foes are the forces of ignorance (and their evil gym teacher). Little League gives DC superheroes a Muppet Babies turn, sending the superfriends back to grade school.

Yale Stewart's webcomic follows Superman and Batman through their first day back at school. Bruce has already decided it's going to be a bad day; after all, Alfred sent him to school in that campy blue and gray costume. And he just doesn't trust that Martian new kid, J'onn.


Although each Little League strip ends on a joke, it isn't strictly a gag comic. Superman, Batman, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Power Girl all go through the school day amidst their personality clashes (most of the characters clash with Batman), and one strip leads naturally into the next. And there are some fantastically funny moments, like when Batman decides to administer a cootie shot and when the kids meet the new gym teacher.

But now that the first day of school is coming to a close, we see that Little League is, at its heart, a sweet comic. Kid Batman may play the part of the brooding loner (he's the only kid who enjoys a timeout), but Superman is a true pal who sticks by him, dark temper tantrums and all. And Batman, for his part, really needs a friend.


Little League, discovered via reddit