The Justice League gets medieval in the Year 1000

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Artist Ulises Farinas imagines rebooting the DC continuity all the way back to the Year 1000, where the mad King Batman, the Woman of Wonders, and the Monk with a Green Lantern battle ancient trolls and wicked Knights Templar.

Farinas has long graced the Internet with his offbeat takes on superheroes, including his portrayal of the DC and Marvel superbeings as Lego minifigs. Now he's sharing his vision for a medieval DC reboot, recasting Batman as a mad king who travels with a literal Robin (he believes it holds the soul of his son, Richard the Grey), Ras Al Ghul as a Knight Templar, the Green Lantern and Sinestro as a pair of rival monks with differing views on enlightenment, and Lex Luthor as Allesandro Di Lusso, a warlord who invented Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machines 500 years before their conceptual time.


Head over to ComicsAlliance for more Year 1000 art and the backstories Farinas has created for each of the characters. Marvel got its Renaissance "What if?" story with Marvel 1602. Could DC please give us Farinas's DC 1000?

DC Universe, Year 1000: Ulises Farinas Imagines a World of Medieval DC Superheroes [ComicsAlliance]

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i like his story for batman.

i'd actually like to read a comic based around this