The Justice League Clips Just Keep on Coming

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.
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It’s only a couple of weeks until the theatrical release of Warner Bros. and DC’s moonshot ensemble superhero flick. And this weekend they’ve decided to really go all in with new clips. If you’re afraid of spoilers, now might be a good time to go on a media blackout. But if you’re curious, look no further.


All four of these clips come courtesy of Comic, which also released the Aquaman/Batman meeting from yesterday. All told, these released scenes add up to about six or seven minutes of film footage, which is awfully generous of DC. For those of us who still haven’t quite gotten a handle on the tone of the movie, this is a big help. For better or worse, it definitely still feels like a Snyder film, albeit with more lightness than we’ve seen from that influence in past DC films.

Okay, so, first, we got Steppenwolf:

Then, there’s Batman and the Flash:

Next, Wonder Woman to the rescue!

Finally, we’ve got a quick spotlight on Jim Gordon:

At this rate, we’ll have seen the whole movie by the time it hits theaters. Justice League comes out in the United States on November 17th.

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