The Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology is a real thing that exists

It is, regrettably, not all about the psychology behind Guillermo Del Toro's epic monster movie.

Via the journal's website:

A quality peer-reviewed premium e-journal, the Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology has its history in the old South Pacific Journal of Psychology published between 1984 and 2005. The journal fills a void in contemporary psychology, with a focus on a region of the world that is extraordinarily vast, easily recognisable, and rich in cultural diversity and includes Oceania, Australasia, East Asia and the Western Seaboard of the Americas, and the 'hub' in the wheel - the Hawaiian Islands and other Pacific Island Nations. From climate change to disaster management and poverty reduction, the Pacific Rim region has its share of issues and potential solutions. With a focus on Indigenous and minority perspectives, the journal seeks to foster mutual capacity building in the research domain, and on questions of human development generally.


No, it's not as awesome as it sounds, but we're still pretty tickled it's out there.

h/t Pete Etchells via Ed Yong


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