The Joker Looks Ready to Explode in the Next Episode of Batman: The Enemy Within

Image: Telltale Games
Image: Telltale Games

All season long, the episodic chapters of Telltale Games’ latest Batman video game have been making players interact with the man who will become the Joker. Thanks to a new trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within, it looks like we’ll finally be seeing the events that make him explode in next week’s installment.

Ever since he got out of Arkham Asylum, John Doe has been under the assumption that Bruce Wayne is his best bud. Something happens to change that and the consequences look like they’re going to be hella ugly.


We’ll see exactly what—and who—goes down when episode four of Batman: The Enemy Within drops next week.

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NOPE. I'm out. Too toxic.

This series is taking a really long time to come out. Or is that just me?

I bought the entire seasons of this and the Guardians of the Galaxy game. It feels like they came out within a few months of each other, yet, the Batman game is still unfinished.