The Joker gets medieval with this functional suit of leather armor

This suit of armor is sure not just to protect your body but also to intimidate your opponents, pairing its hardened leather pieces with that creepy Joker's grin.

Prince Armory constructed this villainous suit of armor, which is supposed to be functional. Here is the list of components:

Jester's Helmet with Joker Mask, Breastplate, Drama Face Pauldrons, Breastplate, Jester's War Skirt, Cuisses/Knees/Greaves, Articulated Jester Shoe Sabatons


It's only appropriate that the Dark Knight's foe gets a suit of armor. You can see more views of the armor, including close-ups of the individual pieces, at armorer Samuel Lee's deviantART gallery.

Medieval Joker Leather Armor [Samuel Lee via Neatorama]

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