Image: Cartoon Network
Image: Cartoon Network

At the very end of this cute, two-and-a-half minute short from Justice League Action, the Clown Prince of Crime teeters on the precipice of a weird existential moment. See, he doesn’t know that he tried to kidnap himself.

“Missing the Mark” has the man who’s been Luke Skywalker getting snatched by the Joker and the Trickster, so they can collect a hefty ransom from the movie studios who need him alive. The gag here is that Hamill does the voices for those characters, as well as the superhero that shows up to stop the laugh-centric larceny.


This goofy bit of fun winds up on a really bizarre note when it’s noted that it was Hamill’s voice-acting talent that allowed him to literally rescue himself. Joker asks “what’s a voice actor?” and you immediately wonder if the JLA universe is filled with performers who never break kayfabe and are “on” all the time.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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