The Jim Henson Company Is Working On A Labyrinth Sequel!

Illustration for article titled The Jim Henson Company Is Working On A emLabyrinth/em Sequel!

Tucked away in a Variety article about Billy Crystal joining the Henson Company's production of Which Witch? — which, you know, whatever — comes the much more interesting news that a sequel to 1986's Labyrinth is in the works (along with the previously rumored Dark Crystal 2 and Fraggle Rock movies).


There's of course no information other than the fact that is apparently exists, which is still pretty mind-boggling. All right, Jim Henson Company. If you're going to do this, you gotta do it right. And that means including two things: 1) incorporating this amazing fan theory about Jareth, and 2) prominently including David Bowie' magical crotch bulge. These two things are necessary, and we will brook no discussion on the matter. Everything else you can figure out on your own.


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