The Jessica Jones Trailer Brings the Superpowers and the Supervillain

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After lots of teasing, we finally have a full trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It focuses on how powerful Jessica is–and how little that means in comparison to the main villain of the series, Kilgrave.


David Tennant–in both the trailer and first episode we saw at NYCC–is like the shark from Jaws: barely seen, but a looming threat at all times. While the episode we saw had a great balance of funny and serious, the trailer focuses mostly on the danger. Although the “A slow-moving car” line is great,

It certainly seems like the essence of Jessica’s comics background with Kilgrave is intact, given that she talks about him being in her head and the things he made her do. The bulk of this trailer deals with Jessica’s powers, Luke Cage, and Kilgrave. Everyone else is seen only in glimpses:

  • Hope, in jail, is another Kilgrave victim.
  • Patsy Walker, Jessica’s best friend, is the one saying that “He’s not here.”
  • And we literally only see Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth walk by. Keep an eye on her, though, she’s playing a version of Jeryn Hogarth, a friend of Iron Fist’s father and eventual lawyer for Heroes for Hire.

Beyond that, we see a lot of the horrible things Kilgrave does, which are many and varied and presumably going to take the whole season to stop.

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I never really understood why characters who can fly feel the need to do that little squat before they take off, like they’re about to take a jump shot at the 3-point line. And sometimes, when they’re about to take off really hard, they crouch way down low with their fists clenched like they’re about to take a super-violent dump.

They’re not really jumping. They’re “turning on” the flying. When I get into an elevator and press the floor I want, I don’t do a little squat-and-jump as the car starts moving upwards. It’s just like that. If you can fly, just fly. Don’t pretend like you’re just doing a really impressive leap that’s going to take you whizzing around the city.