The It Sequel Finally Has an Official Release Date

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Here’s some joyful late-Monday news for all the Stephen King horror fans and devoted Pennywise meme-makers. The It sequel finally has an official release date, and you won’t have to wait 27 years to see what happens to the Losers Club. You will, however, have to wait a couple of years.


It part two will be hitting the big screen September 6, 2019, a not-so-surprising choice for a film that has basically owned the month of September since opening on the Friday after Labor Day. According to Deadline, the film’s bragging rights include:

[The] largest opening for a horror film stateside, biggest opening for an R-rated film, largest opening for a pic based on a book, best preview night for a horror film ($13.5M), best IMAX opening for September and horror pic, and best opening for a New Line release. Worldwide It is nearing close to a half billion, and at the domestic B.O., it’s already the largest horror film ever with $266.1M, beating The Exorcist late last week.


Even though director Andy Muschietti will be under plenty of pressure to make the sequel, which follows the characters as grown-ups, be just as successful, we hope he’s enjoying the moment he’s living in right now. And he sure seems to be—as evidenced by this heartfelt Instagram thanks aimed at the film’s multitudes of fans:

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Here’s a thought for how the last scene in Part 2 ought to fare.

At the end, at the entry into the sewers, a figure appears. Large, rotund, shambling slowly in the dark. After some time, it arrives at the junction where the sewers meet. It waits there for a time, until there’s the faint image of a glowing orange light lurking in a corner. The figure is silhouette in dark colors, particularly green. Slowly, it shambles toward the light until a hand wraps around it, clutching it for a time. And then with one firm squeeze, the light dies. And then in the dark, we hear a snapping sound, like a beak closing...and cut to credits.