The island where dinosaur birds never died out

In the rainforests of Papua, New Guinea, there have been reports for decades of giant birds resembling the prehistoric Pterosaur - they've been seen by locals and by visiting scientists.


According to Environmental Graffiti:

Information regarding this pterosaur arose at the British Association's Science Festival in Dublin. It was the first animal with a backbone in place that could fly. Facts were described by Dr. David Martill of Portsmouth University from work carried out by Dino Frey of the German Staatliches Museum fuer Naturkunde in Karlsruhe. The size of the animal and dimensions indicate that it may have had a wingspan of at least 18 m, this being determined from wing bone fragments discovered . . . The flying animals described [on Papua, New Guinea today] are said to "glow" in the dark . . . It has been hypothesized that the bio-luminescent glow assists the animals' effort to hunt and catch food in the deep darkness of the tropical night. One of the researchers, David Woetzel, has said that he recorded images of the animals while studying them.

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