The Iron Giant Will Pop Off Your Wall in This Vibrant New Poster

All Images: Hero Complex Gallery
All Images: Hero Complex Gallery

Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Hogarth and his Iron Giant.

Artist Craig Drake tackled one of fandom’s most beloved animated films, Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant, for his brand new solo show opening this Friday. We’re excited to debut not just this work, but also a few other cool pieces from the show.


First up, here’s the full Iron Giant piece, which will first be available as part of “Craig Drake Solo IV,” which opens January 12 at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

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Drake and the gallery prefer to keep most of these shows under wraps—but if you check out previous shows at these links, you get an idea of what may be in store. For example, the Gallery has already teased pieces from Ex Machina, Pulp Fiction, and Labyrinth. And every year, most of these prints are available in multiple editions: Unique color ways, foils, metals, you really never know. That’s half the fun of Drake’s solo shows.

The show opens at 7pm Friday and people in attendance will get some very cool free shit. Hero Complex is giving away never-before-released Drake prints, stickers, and even a custom poster tube. Here are a few images of those prints and stickers.

Damn that Gizmo is so good.

For those who can’t attend, any remaining art will go on sale Saturday morning, January 13, Pacific Time at this link (which is not yet live). For more information on the gallery itself, visit this link.


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