This morning marked the launch of io9's new television show, We Come From the Future. Hosted by Annalee Newitz and Esther Inglis-Arkell, the show will be broadcast directly into your retinas every Friday morning on Revision 3. Here's our very first episode!

We've decided to come out of our safe little internet boxes and emerge into the world of digital video technology, but we're still learning all this "look at the camera and pretend to have feelings" stuff. So please be kind as we acclimate to the brave new world of motion pictures. Every week we'll have 10-15 minutes of science, culture, and crazy futurism — plus, science experiments, interviews, and cheerful predictions of global doom!


You can keep up with the latest episodes on Revision 3 or io9.

Once you've watched, please do email us with show ideas, suggestions, video, pictures, or comments at

Thanks to our Revision3 producer, Roger Chang, who answers to "Señor Chang" and debates various incarnations of The Flash with us between takes.