The io9 Lost discussion thread!

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Watching the Lost finale tonight? Comment, cry, cheer, grouse, and yammer here! Cyriaque will be live-commenting along with you. Also, be sure to stick around later for Charlie Jane's recap of the finale!


So, three years of flashbacks, two years of flashforwards and one year of flashafterlifes? What was the point of the flashafterlifes? They added nothing to the main story outside of, "Hey, sooner or later everyone is going to meet up after they die because we were the most important thing in each others' lives." But that wasn't necessary for the main storyline.

LOST was very much a mystery show. What's the point of having mysteries if you never answer them? Even worse if you end your show with new mysteries like what happened to Desmond? He was still alive. How did he get back to the mainland?

Cuse and Lindelof said that in the end the story was about the characters. Moore said the same thing about BSG and God knows that the ending to BSG was bad. Is "It's about the characters" turning out to be code for "I have no idea how to end this logically so here's what I've got. Eat it because it's the only meal you are getting."

Can't I get one show where the ending makes sense? One show where the plot does matter?

Now I understand when the writers said that Stephen King was a huge influence on the show. King's novels have great openings, interesting middles but, boy, are the endings ever terrible.