The io9 Guide To October Science Fiction - Updated!

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Gaze forward in time a whole month, with the io9 science fiction calendar for October. Highlights include tons of conventions, the worlds of Neil Gaiman, and Scott Westerfeld's mecha-vs-monsters World War I epic Leviathan. Update: Corrected version now available.


Sorry it took us so long to get a corrected version up — Stephanie is on the road, and I was too swamped this week to sit down and go through the calendar before it went up, as much as I shoudl have. Next month's calendar should go much, much more smoothly. We think.

As always, you can download the whole thing as a printable PDF - with hyperlinks to books and conventions - by clicking here.


Research by Alexis Brown. Design by Stephanie Fox.

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Articles on Clone Wars and SGU today, but you couldn't be bothered to put either of them on the calendar. Nice.