The io9 Guide To November Science Fiction

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November brings with it Prisoners and Visitors, plus a couple of huge apocalyptic movies, and a new Douglas Coupland tripfest. You can't escape from the future, but you can master it — with the io9 calendar.


As always, you can download the whole thing as a printable PDF by clicking here.

This time around, we're not sticking an hyperlinks in the PDF version of this calendar, because that makes it way harder to make corrections to the calendar when people point out problems. Instead, here's a list of all the conventions in November, with URLs:

Friday the 6th:
Aki Con
Neko Con (thru Sun) Convention
Pacific Media Expo

Saturday the 7th:
King Con Brooklyn
Cincinnati Comic and Anime Convention


Sunday the 8th:
Seattle ComiCard Convention
Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Friday the 13th:
New England Fan Experience

Friday the 20th:
Anime Crossroads
Anime USA
Another Anime Convention
Bishie Con
Daisho Con
Yule Con
Zona Con

Saturday the 21st.:
Boston Super Megafest
Virginia Comic-Con

Friday the 27th.:

Tomodachi Fest
Chicago Tardis 2009

Saturday the 28th.:
Atlanta Anime Day

Research by Cyriaque Lamar. Design by Stephanie Fox.


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Chris Braak

Yes! If you come to PhilCon (Nov. 20-22), be sure to drop by the friendly Threat Quality Press table, where we'll be selling The Translated Man AS WELL AS the new novel by TQP writer Jeff Holland.

And I will presumably be spending hours defending my monster hierarchy. #sciencefiction