The io9 guide to June science fiction awesomeness

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Summer here is, and there's a ton of sizzling scifi on the way! June brings us the returns of True Blood and Futurama, Splice and Jonah Hex at the box office, and loads of author appearances, new books, and conventions.


You can download the June calender by clicking here.

And here are this month's convention links in chronological order:

- Colossalcon
- Kogani Video Game Convention
- Hama-Con
- Anime Kaigi
- A-Kon
- Expo Comics Cancun
- CapiCons Comic Book & Pop Culture Con
- SAC-CON Sacramento Comic, Toy And Collectible Show
- OMGcon
- Anime Mid-Atlantic
- Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World)
- Desucon
- Pahrump Anime-Fest
- Tokyo in Tulsa
- Supanova Pop Culture Expo
- QC Anime-mazing
- Omnicon
- Minneapolis Anime Convention
- Florida Super Con
- Expo Comics GDL
- AnimeNEXT
- Florida Supercon
- Texas Comicon
- Nemacon
- PortConMaine
- BotCon
- Supanova Pop Culture Expo
- Sugokucon
- Persacon
- Knoxville Comic and Anime Con
- Desucon
- Northeast Comic Con

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Anybody read Ian Tregillis's novel Bitter Seeds? I'm reading it currently and absolutely loving it.

There was a short blurb about it last month in the "best of May books" column or something, but I'm hoping io9 does a full review at some point (and maybe even a Book of The Month spot).

It's a sort of alt-history sci-fi/fantasy novel which revolves around WWII Europe, Nazi supermen and British pacts with demons used to turn the tides of battle. I can't get enough of it. It actually reminds me a lot of Umbrella Academy for some reason, I guess because of the children who were experimented on and gained superpowers as a result.

Anyway, it's a great book and you all should check it out. anybody who does, feel free to get in touch as I'd love to discuss it.