The io9 Guide To June Science Fiction

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Journey into the future, with the io9 guide to everything science fictional in June! Find out everything that will be thrilling you for the coming month, including new books, tons of DVDs, and a bunch of conventions.


As always, you can download the whole thing as a printable PDF - with hyperlinks to books and conventions - by clicking here.

Research by Alasdair Wilkins. Design by Stephanie Fox. Layout by Charlie Jane Anders.

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Hey, io9, how can you forget about Ron D. Morre's project "Virtuality" on Fox? The pilot is to premiere on July 4th.

Yeah, I know, I hate Fox because its score of killing interesting shows it comparable to Manson death count and no one can tell you wether the series will be picked up at all, but c'mon, it is a show from Ron D. Moore. Some media exposure won't hurt, right? This way I can ensure that more people will share my pain after the show gets prematurely cancelled.