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The io9 Guide To December Science Fiction

Illustration for article titled The io9 Guide To December Science Fiction

The giant engine of the holiday season has just cranked into high gear - but there's plenty of other stuff to look forward to in December. A ton of awesome new science fiction books and DVDs are coming out, plus some brave souls are still organizing conventions in mid-December. Here's our calendar of everything awesome in December - with a PDF version that includes hyperlinks.


You can download the PDF version of the calendar here. And if there's an amazing event in January that we absolutely must cover, drop us a line at Happy holidays!

Graphic by the amazing Stephanie Fox. Research by Katharine Duckett.

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Oh, one more slight critique— it would also be nice to have some scifi videogame releases listed. I have a hard time keeping up with those as well. Although, it's quite possible there are no scifi videogames released next month...

Okay, back to worshipping.