The io9 Guide To August Science Fiction

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Our space/time visualizer looks a few weeks into the future, showing you what delights and horrors await you. This month: a new Stephen Baxter book, a few fascinating movies... and WorldCon! Venture into future history, with the io9 calendar!


As always, you can download the whole thing as a printable PDF - with hyperlinks to books and conventions - by clicking here. And I'll be making changes to it on the fly, so if there are any inaccuracies or omissions, please comment or ping me via email.

Research by Alexis Brown. Design by Stephanie Fox.

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omg more Dune crap? i lost interest in the novels after trying to read "Great Great adopted stepchildren of the Dune Messiah's 2nd Cousin's gardener" but I had no idea his son was still trying to milk the cow that's been dead 20+ years.

Yeeesh, does the world really need any more Dune stuff? Are there people looking forward to another Dune novel?