Two io9 commenters, MamaDragon49 and LittleDragon, were inspired by our post about the Mystery Stone of New Mexico to go check the area out themselves. If you recall, the mystery stone was discovered in 1933 and supposedly left thousands of years ago in New Mexico by an ancient Greek whose boat went way off course. So, is the stone a hoax? The Dragons weigh in.


MamaDragon writes:

I believe the inscription is a hoax, perpetrated by someone wanting to give a young archeologist a rush or even a young archeologist himself. It would not have been difficult to reach these hills in 1933. The original Route 66, which the current state route 6 follows, dipped down from Albuquerque to Los Lunas before heading west again. (I have a 1931 Rand-McNalley atlas and have checked my information with it.) It would have made a day's outing even then. Little Dragon states that she is undecided: "I cannot deny or confirm anything." Hopefully, we will be making another trip out to Hidden Mountain, if no other reason than it is a beautiful place to visit.

Read about the Dragons' whole adventure, and see more pictures, here.

Photos by the Dragons!


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