The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Lexicon.

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Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. In September, we read Max Barry's Lexicon. Jump into comments to get started talking about it!


For those unfamiliar with the io9 book club, here's how it works: You read the book. We create a special book club post on io9 when the meeting is in session. That would be the post you're reading. Then everybody talks about the book in comments for a few days, starting right now.


We're hoping that Barry will stop by in the next week to talk about the book. So, what did you think of Lexicon?

Want to get started on our next book?

In October, we'll be doing something a little different. The final novel in Margaret Atwood's near-future apocalypse trilogy, MaddAdam, has just come out. So we'll be reading the first novel in the series, Oryx and Crake, to get you started on this incredible saga. We'll meet on Oct. 29 to talk about it.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I enjoyed it. I found it to be incredibly well plotted. Most of the book was spent wondering how exactly we got here. How did Emily become Woolf? Why did she destroy Broken Hill? What's the deal with Eliot? Although it was pretty obvious that Wil and Harry are the same person, how did that happen? Pretty much all the explanations are satisfactory and he regularly avoids the easy, cliched things. The action was fun, overall a really good read.

My only complaint was that I wanted a little more depth. It seemed that one big theme was about how controlling the message gives you power. Maybe it was the plotting that I enjoyed so much, but that theme got lost in the main story. It was referenced a couple of times, but mostly developed in the interludes between chapters where it felt a little more like telling than showing.

But that's a minor nit pick. The people and places seemed very real and complex. Very good book.