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Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. In February, we read The Best of All Possible Worlds, a brand-new novel from Karen Lord. Jump into comments to get started talking about it!

For those unfamiliar with the io9 book club, here's how it works: You read the book. We create a special book club post on io9 when the meeting is in session. That would be the post you're reading right now. Then everybody talks about the book in comments for a few days, starting right now.


Lord will stop by on Monday 3/11 to talk with us about the book. I'll post a call for questions for her on Friday.

So, what did you think of The Best of All Possible Worlds?

Want to get a head start on our next book?
This month, we'll be reading Tobias Buckell's crowd-funded novel The Apocalypse Ocean. It's the fourth book in his Xenowealth series — but don't worry! It stands on its own. Caveat: you may love it so much that you have to go back and read the previous three when you're done. We'll meet on April 2 to discuss it — and we hope to have Buckell join us later that week for a discussion

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