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The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about "How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe"

Illustration for article titled The io9 Book Club is in session! Lets talk about How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe

Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. This month we read Charles Yu's novel, How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe. Jump into comments to get started talking about it!


For those unfamiliar with the io9 book club, here's how it works: You read the book. We create a special book club post on io9 when the meeting is in session. That would be the post you're reading right now. Then everybody talks about the book in comments for a few days, and you can start doing that right this nanosecond!

So, what did you think of Yu's book?

On Friday afternoon from 2-3 PDT, Yu will join us to answer your questions about the novel, so look out for a post on Thursday morning where you can post questions for him!


Want to get a headstart on next month's book? We're taking a bit of a hiatus for the holidays, so we're going to do a mega-read for late January: We'll be tackling Connie Willis' Blackout and All Clear (her two-book novel). We'll meet to discuss both books on January 25.

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I really enjoyed this book. I loved the concept. I did get lost in some of the stream of consciousness sections and I won't pretend to have understood everything I read, but overall I think this is a wonderful book.

The ideas that time travel takes time and that we're all time traveling all the time are pretty rad and (for me) a little mind blowing. I also liked the connection between time travel and grammar. It makes so much sense. The whole subjunctive mood thing was amazing.

Charles Yu's (the book character) sidekicks were fun. TAMMY brought levity, Phil was awesome and sad, and Ed was confusing (was he real or not?). The sexbot who paid for time with herself was heartbreaking.

My favorite part, I think, was when he was seeing the dioramas of various points in his life and remembering that he always felt someone was watching him, that he had to look busy even though he was alone. I think it would be really interesting to be an observer of your own life.

I could go on, but I've gone on long enough. This was a fun book to read and it has me thinking about it days after I've finished it. That hasn't happened with a book in a while.