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Will we see Tim Robbins as Robert Downey Jr.'s dad in Iron Man 2? The actor is playing coy in a recent interview, but we can't bring ourselves to trust his non-denial denial.


Talking to Reel Talk, Robbins said that the Iron Man cameo was "an internet rumor," adding "You can't trust those internets," leading some to think that it wasn't going to happen. But where does he actually say that said rumor isn't true? And what about the "few projects... all secret" that Robbins said that he's working on? Couldn't they be Iron Man 2, and the Captain America appearance that Howard Stark was supposed to be making? Call us cynical, gullible or just plain wanting to believe, but to us, Tim Robbins is Howard Stark - until he fails to make an appearance in the movie itself.


Tim Robbins on 'Iron Man 2' [Reel Talk]

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