The Internet Will Control Your Entire Body By 2020

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We'll have full-body cyber suits by 2020, predicts futurist blogger Michael Anissimov. Cybersex and online gaming will be the main drivers behind the development of haptic suits, which he predicts we'll have by 2020. He makes a token nod at the military training applications for these suits, but mostly it's all about screwing and roughhousing. But he also thinks we'll use the suits for way more than just simulating real-world sensations.

The suit would also enable touch sensations impossible in real world environments. For instance, waves of touch going from head to toe... It's likely that VR world designers will come up with fascinating new touch sensations we can't imagine here in 2007.


Also, one commenter speculates that you could use "internal muscular stimulators" to move people into the positions you want them in. You could start having nice harmless cybersex, and suddenly lose control over your own movements. It's like bondage, only potentially much creepier.

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