The internet wasn't weird enough. But now it is. Check out The Weird Fiction Review!

Ann VanderMeer's award-winning tenure at Weird Tales was cut short when the magazine was bought by a new crew — but the print world's loss is the internet's gain. VanderMeer and her husband, Jeff VanderMeer, have started a new online magazine, the Weird Fiction Review, which just launched today.


Top image: Detail of "Rat House" by Myrtle von Damitz III.

They're using it to tie in with their new 750,000-word anthology of all types of weird fiction, The Weird: A Com­pendium of Strange & Dark Sto­ries. But they're also going to be publishing original essays, art, and some fiction on the site, and they've launched with an interview with Neil Gaiman.

They write:

This site is also meant to be an ongo­ing explo­ration into all facets of the weird, in all of its many forms - a kind of non-denominational approach that appre­ci­ates Love­craft but also Kafka, Angela Carter and Clark Ash­ton Smith, Shirley Jack­son and Fritz Leiber - along with the next gen­er­a­tion of weird writ­ers and inter­na­tional weird. The empha­sis will be on non­fic­tion on writ­ers and par­tic­u­lar books, but we will also run fea­tures on weird art, music, and film, as well as occa­sional fiction.


There's already some fiction, some comics, some essays, and the aforementioned Gaiman interview on the site now. Check it out! [Weird Fiction Review]

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