The Internet Loves the Love Between Eddie Brock and the Symbiote

“We are... thirsty.”
Image: Sony Pictures

We’ve written about Venom’s, uh, for lack of a better term, highkey fucky subtext. But maybe we’re being close-minded, and it’s actually incredibly romantic. The internet seems to think so.

Lately, my feed on social media has been filled up with wonderful, thirsty, playful Venom fan art, based on the new movie, extrapolating the romantic subtext between a man and his symbiotic alien goo creature into a full-blown pairing, and it’s probably my favorite ship in some time. (In case you’re curious, the ship name is Symbrock.)


The fan art has been great, ranging from, uh, a bit too thirsty to blog to some really cute, funny things. Here are some of my personal favorites:


Poor Eddie just isn’t good at golf. But he is good at jokes:


And boyfriend accessories:


Venom and Eddie at Disney World is my new favorite thing, now. I also love this comic, even though it’s not, technically, a shipping comic. It’s just wholesome, y’know?


Honestly, I’m glad the internet has fun with shipping and art like this. It’s a creative, breezy, escapist way to think about characters, and frankly I’m always here for fans reinterpreting media in queer ways (though, honestly, the comics aren’t far off). Especially when it’s this surprisingly cute.


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