The Internet Explains That All of the Marvel Universe Is a Hoax

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We'll admit that we were a little uncertain about some of the series that Marvel Comics lined up to kickstart their online-only releases. But the more that we learn about them, the more we're convinced. Especially the one with the least promising title of them all: Marvels Channel: Monsters, Myths and Marvels. That title and almost everything else can be forgiven when you find out that it's bringing a little piece of crappy cable TV to the Marvel Universe.Talking to Newsarama, writer Frank Tieri explained the awkward title... and the premise of the series:

You ever watch those shows you see on the History Channel or the Discovery Channel or Nat Geo where they’re investigating Bigfoot, or the lost city of Atlantis or the moon landing conspiracy or whatever? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I eat that stuff up with a spoon—shows like Monsterquest and History’s Mysteries and Is it Real? (Is it Real? is particular douchey—they debunk everything) . So I got to thinking... wouldn’t they have shows like this in the Marvel U? Where they investigated the existence of stuff like the Wendigo and Asgard and the Watcher? That’s what we’re going for with M, M & M — a riff on those shows with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks. So you can expect to see the usual trademarks of these types of programs well represented—the crazy conspiracy theories, the questionable expert testimonies, the cheesy re-enactments (complete with actors that don’t quite look like the people they’re supposed to portray)... it’s all here.


First up on the debunkabus is planet-eater Galactus:

Yeah, we all know that in the fictional Marvel U Galactus actually exists, that people actually did see him—then the question becomes for [fictional journalist] Gordon Allsworth... what exactly did they see? A giant robot? A hologram? Giant Man in a pimp suit? The theories and claims made by him and his guests is where a lot of the fun is—but at the same time, also had to be presented as somewhat plausible alternatives... well, let’s just say the FF are the ones who take the biggest hit here. After all, they’re the ones who had the most to gain after Galactus first appeared and was thwarted—as a result, their celebrity skyrocketed, their status in the superhuman community greatly improved , and yeah, they even made a crap load of money out of it. Being the ones who stopped the unstoppable was good for business, so to speak. As someone in the show very astutely states, “Galactus made them.”


Man, between this and Reed Richards' recent bust for drunk-driving, someone over at Marvel definitely has it in for the Fantastic Four. But don't think that it's only the cosmic mysteries that will be investigated on the Marvels Channel. Tieri is already planning a look into the truth behind the assassination of Captain America, and much more:

Other shows we have lined up include something called Behind the Mask (an obvious take on Behind the Music with superhumans) and an SNL-type show guest hosted by Thor.

Screw online comics - I want to see this channel on my DirecTV list already. Frank Tieri - Galactus Doesn't Exist [Newsarama]

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Chris Braak

This actually sounds like kind of a fun idea.

A lot better than Marvel Apes.