The internet, according to Playboy magazine, in 1996

Back in the mid-1990s, everyone was exceedingly jazzed about the internet. In fact, people were so darn excited that it was impossible to leave the house without being smacked upside the head by such jargon as "electronic mail," "mouse," or "CD-ROM drive!" And nobody was more enamored of the promise of the cyber-frontier than Playboy magazine's Girls of The Internet.


This video, which was obviously required viewing for any technology-conscious futurist in 1996, paints a thrilling portrait of a plugged-in world where lingerie is a hacker uniform and reality is scored omnipresently to the sounds of a downmarket wine bar.

Here, it's been pared down to safe-for-work educational essentials by the folks at DeeprUnderstanding, who also have created an entertaining supercut of what really happened to the dinosaurs. [Via Laughing Squid]

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Ahhh, Internet in the 90s. When the dial-up modem was king, and a 10 minute jpeg download was "wicked fast" ;)