The International Space Station, set to the soundtrack of Sunshine

Oh, this will give you chills. The International Space Station's orbital vantage point never ceases to amaze, and it becomes downright spine-tingling when Underworld and John Murphy's famous theme from Sunshine is added to the mix. This time-lapse from Knate Myers blends images collected by ISS astronauts and NASA's Johnson Space Center with the pounding score to director Danny Boyle's 2007 solar mission flick, a soundtrack that we've professed our love for previously.


Between this and Annalee interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson last night, I'm downright indignant that there's an infinitesimally slim chance I'll be kicking around by the time humanity gets a decent space elevator (and should I make it, I'll be a cackling, semi-comatose mummy, asking befuddled passers-by if Ghostwriter is still on the air).


[Via Jason Sondhi]

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Watching this, there is a passage that comes to mind from one of my favorite graphic novels. I went to fetch it just now to make sure I got it right.


The Gamer: Existence is a great simplicity. There is black and there is white. … Just look above you. Do you see? That is called the immense board of lights. And there is the great black… and, strewn all across it, small and vulnerable and brave… there is the great white.

Mr. Nebula: Oh. Oh, yeah. Of course. Hah. You know, that’s perfect. That’s really perfect. And the great white… I mean, there’s so much more black. A-are we losing?

The Gamer: No. Once there was only black. We are winning. All is right. We can go.

- Top Ten, Book 2, Chapter 1. Written by Alan Moore.