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On the face of it, Extant sounds like the most insanely high-concept premise ever. A married couple is living with their android son, created by the dad. But they're also expecting another child... who might be an alien. Weirdest family ever.


And yet, this pilot spec by new writer Mickey Fisher has won Hollywood, with every TV network, broadcast or cable, fighting to produce it. According to Deadline, "the bidding is expected to continue over the weekend." Part of it is the fact that this project comes from Amblin Television, creators of the currently successful Under the Dome and The Americans, plus the upcoming Lucky 7. Extant also has Greg Walker, who worked on X-Files and Smallville, on board as executive producer and showrunner.

But also, Deadline suggests, there's the fact that this is a "grounded" premise that plays out on a small scale, despite one kid being an android and the other being a maybe-alien. Plus enough top-shelf creators are busy with ongoing series that there's a need for more high-concept drama series. Time to bust out your gritty My Mother The Car reboot pitch? [Deadline]


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