Neill Blomkamp's Elysium depicted a decadent society that depends on robots for everything. But we never saw any sex robots — which was apparently almost the case, judging from this newly released concept art from Weta's Aaron Beck. Update: They're not sex robots, but rather fashion models.


Beck posted these images on his blog, including highly entertaining file descriptions like "Stompy McStompStomp" and "Fuck You Up Bot" for some of the military robots. We've seen some nice robot designs from this film before, but this might be the first time we've seen sexbots, plus some of the more crazy military hardware.

Update: Beck writes to us to say these aren't sex robots, but rather robot fashion models. He adds: "Yes, for one week my brief from Neill was: 'Sexy robot fashion models' — tough job, I know, right? But someones gotta do it."

Check out more images over at Beck's blog — including one NSFW robot — and here are some of our favorites.

And here are some other robots and bits of hardware from the film: