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The Insane Looking, Chinese Smash Monster Hunt Opens Later This Month

Illustration for article titled The Insane Looking, Chinese Smash iMonster Hunt/i Opens Later This Month
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The United States has Star Wars: The Force Awakens. China has Monster Hunt. It’s the country’s highest-grossing film of all time, and it’s finally making it to U.S. theaters on January 22.


Here’s the new trailer, courtesy of MovieClips (really, it’s just this old trailer with new English writing):

If you still have no idea going on, here’s the ultra simple break down. Monster Hunt takes place in a world where monsters and humans co-exist. Things get crazy, however, when a human and monster have a baby together. It’s directed by Raman Hui, the main animator on the Shrek films.


For a full list of theaters opening the film later this month, both with an English dub and English subtitles, visit FilmRise.


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I can’t imagine there would be any draw for this movie in the US. The CG work looks really poor and jarring compared to the live action sequences, I’m sure American kids are still recovering from the recent Star Wars frenzy, and there are no actors that typical American parents would recognize. Tough sell.