The Inhumans Will Get a New Origin in Once and Future Kings

Image: Marvel Comics. Art by Nick Bradshaw.

The Inhumans have a long, strange history in Marvel’s comics—and it’s about to get some new twists in a new miniseries, courtesy of some superstar comics talent.

Announced at C2E2, Inhumans: One and Future Kings is a new five-part miniseries, coming from the legendary writer Christopher Priest—currently working on DC’s Deathstroke, but perhaps best known for his character-defining work on Black Panther—and artist Phil Noto (currently doing the Poe Dameron comic, one of the best looking Marvel books on the shelf).


The book will chronicle the earliest days of the Inhuman royal family as we know it today—before they were actually the royal family at all, in fact. Following a childhood of isolation to hone control over his voice-shattering powers, Once and Future Kings will follow Black Bolt’s quest to become ruler of the Inhumans, through to the meeting his future wife Medusa, the disposal of the then-current Inhuman King, and the downfall of his brother Maximus from loyal ally to maddened foe. On top of that—in what’s probably going to be an incident of delightful tonal whiplash—each issue will come with a two-page backup story from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’s Ryan North, focusing on the Inhuman’s lovable teleporting dog-creature, Lockjaw.

It makes a lot of sense, given that the royal family is due to make their TV debut later this year with the Inhumans TV show, for them to get another origin-based comic out there alongside it. Sure, it’s another origin re-do. But hey, if it’s going to come from a team like Priest and Noto, I’m excited to see their spin on it. Inhumans: Once and Future Kings is set to begin in August.

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