Marvel has wrapped up a week of comic book announcements with the official unveiling of The Uncanny Inhumans comic. We knew the Inhumans would be getting a series—duh, there’s a movie coming out—but what we didn’t know was that Team Inhumans would be bolstered by some major X-Men and Fantastic Four members.

Okay, so we sort of knew part of that actually—Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering this year teased a romance between Inhuman Queen Medusa and Johnny Storm. But yes, Uncanny Inhumans, continuing off from the similarly-titled series started earlier this year, is getting a little non-Inhuman help: The Human Torch is leaving the Fantastic Four, and X-Men stalwart Beast will find himself allying with the Inhuman’s royal family.


So why are these two icons of other teams showing up for Uncanny Inhumans? A promo picture released of The Thing in a Guardians of the Galaxy uniform seemingly implies that the Fantastic Four are splitting up now that they no longer have their own comic series—and that perhaps they’re staying apart for a lot longer than we thought. But why is Beast fighting alongside them?

Apparently something “mysterious,” according to series writer Charles Soule, will occur during the 8-month time jump separating these new comics from the finale of Secret Wars, which will cause a rift between the similarly disenfranchised societies of Mutants and Inhumans—one that I’m absolutely positive has nothing to do with anything happening in theatres over the next few years—that will see Hank, and potentially other mutants, abandon their former X-Allies and join the Inhumans.


We’ll have to wait a while see what exactly that schism is though. Uncanny Inhumans #1 will launch this October.