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The Inexplicable Adventures Of "Zombie vs. Ninja"

So schlockmeister Godfrey Ho got these white guys together, tied scarves on their heads that say "ninja," and made them exchange scintillating dialog after fighting with swords. And it only gets better in Zombie vs. Ninja.

The tender tale of a guy who becomes a ninja after being apprenticed to a funeral director (???), the story meanders between strange white guys fighting - often in gold foil tops - and our main character learning ninja skills so that he can save a town. Here's a great moment where his master teaches him to fight a zombie.


I love that the scene starts in winter and ends in spring. Also, I have no idea if the original dialog was that awesome - "I've never seen anybody shit like that before!" - or it's all the fault of some snarky dubbing. Somehow, having heard the English-language dialog in the first clip, I don't think it's a bad translation. Director Ho is sometimes called Hong Kong's answer to Ed Wood.

Zombie vs. Ninja via IMDB (Thanks Gregor and Lorena!)

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

To be fair, if the scarves didn't say "ninja," how would you know?