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On the one hand, there are some things that look pretty great. On the other hand, how often do regular people wear capes these days? I mean, people who aren’t Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, obviously.

These go on sale tomorrow, and the clothing, revealed on, is separated into three basic categories. “Modernized” replicas of Belle’s clothing:


Things with Beauty and the Beast prints on them:


Okay, the blue one is a bit of a mix of both, although I don’t remember Belle’s classic blue ensemble having that many ruffles.

And, of course, a token man entry:


Now, if you’re wondering why there isn’t a “laced up” category, that is because you could describe almost everything that way. Only the cape, the white and pink dress, and the men’s jacket are missing corset-like laces.

That said, I still really want to wear the cape.


Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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