In the Malayalam-language film Asithayan, a 10-year-old kid becomes a Hulk-like behemoth and smashes those who would abuse the public trust. It is the best and/or most ridiculous thing you'll see all day.


We recently introduced you to the joys of HALKa, the Bangladeshi Incredible Hulk. Now, we've learned of Vinayan T. Rajendarum's 2007 family comedy Athisayan. The film is about Devan, a 10-year-old boy who Hulks out, yells a lot, and kills corrupt bad guys. He also has the good sense to make himself giant pants. The above clip cuts out the film's musical numbers and gets right down to the smashing.

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I like the Bill Bixby routine at the end. Also, please note that the film advertises itself as "a vacation thriller." Honestly, I had no idea the genre "vacation thriller" existed before today, but if any film deserves such a title, it's Asithayan.

[Via Undead Brainspasm]

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