Image: N1ON Productions

Four years ago, Stephan Zlotescu’s “True Skin” blew us away with how off-the-wall it was. For a little while, it was supposed to become full-length film at Warner Bros. But now it’s found a home as an hour-long series at Amazon.

The original short followed a man in a future where everyone is augmented. Short on cash, the protagonist goes for whatever he can get, which ends up being a chip that turns him robotic but also forces him to run from an organization who really wants him/the chip.


Zlotescu will be back to direct Amazon’s adaptation of his short, and his VFX company, Opticflavor, will provide the effects. But there are no writers and no cast members yet.

The original short is below, so why not watch it again to remember why it’s perfectly suited to being expanded?


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