The Imperial Forces Overrun Home Of America's Liberal Elite

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It's not just Lucasfilm's HQ in the Presidio district; io9's very own Annalee, Charlie and myself leave our hearts, as well as all of our other internal organs and all the rest of us, in San Francisco as well. But if you're wondering what it is about this particular city by the bay that's so particularly science fictionally special, then I guess we can finally share: It's the fact that we have a Death Star hanging over our heads at all times. This fan-movie by Michael Horn mixes camcorder footage of the greatest city in the United States (Seriously; the rest of you can fight over that in the comments, but you know I'm right) with various Imperial vehicles from the Star Wars movies - while the Death Star may look the most authentic (And does that mean that Earth is Endor?), my favorite is probably the AT-AT Walkers going for a leisurely stroll across Ocean Beach. Bonnie Burton at the Official Star Wars Blog asked Horn what gave him the idea for the movie:

I was raised on Star Wars and really love the aesthetics of the Imperial ships and vehicles. I wanted to see what it would look like if our Moon was actually the Death Star, so I took it from there.

He's apparently already considering a second movie, using news footage to mix in Darth Vader's posse. Death Star Over San Francisco [Current TV]

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Sweet thanks for the link to my interview, Graeme!

I loved this fan film merely because I've always daydreamed about what Imperial Fleet Week would be like in San Francisco if Star Wars was indeed real. Footage of AT-AT's on the beach FTW of course. ;-)

By the way, can I say right now how much commenters on [] rock? This is the only blog left on the Web where I feel like I learn as much from the comments as I do from the blog entries. Seriously, you guys/gals rock.