The Identity Of DC's New Batman May Have Been Discovered

We've known for a while that the current Endgame arc in DC's Batman comics was going to culminate with the existence of a new, heavily armoured Batman (and an army of Robins) — but now we may actually know this mysterious new Dark Knight's real identity. Spoilers ahead...


It's not yet been 100% confirmed — so of course, take it with a pinch of salt. But the revelation apparently comes from a leaked copy of Divergence #1, a comic DC will release for Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd. Endgame's set to finish at the end of April, so it makes sense that this new Batman would be included in the sneak peek at the new status quo for DC. But enough preamble. Who is it, you ask?

... none other than Commissioner Jim Gordon himself.

Allegedly, one of the stories include in Divergence features a clean-shaven Gordon reluctantly accepting the Gotham City PD's offer to don the new heavily armored Batsuit and become a police-sanctioned Batman.

When you think about it, it suddenly makes sense — the police colors and flashing lights on the armor, the fact said armor comes packing with quite a hefty gun (unlike Bruce, Jim has no qualms with carrying and using a firearm). But still, it's a bit of a surprise that it's not an already-establish member of the Bat-family taking the mantle. Will Barbara approve?


It also raises a lot of questions about what the hell actually happens to Bruce and the rest of the Bat-gang at the end of, uh, Endgame. If Gotham's police have to take up the Batman name, where are they? Has Bruce Wayne bit the dust (again)?

You won't have to wait until long to find out. Free Comic Book Day is just a couple of weeks away!


[Via IGN]

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