It’s Fury Time! Ryan May has cast the characters from Adventure Time in Mad Max: Fury Road. In his hands, Finn is Max, Princess Bubblegum is Furiosa, and the Ice King is a princess-stealing Immortan Joe.

May has also done mashups of Aliens and Adventure Time, Archer and the Avengers, and Rick and Morty and Back to the Future. In an email, he explains that he started doing these mashups when he drew Princess Bubblegum as Ripley and Jake as the Powerloader as a gift for a friend. Then he started imagining what each of these animated shows would do if they had an entire episode about Back to the Future or Aliens or the Avengers, asking himself which character should take on which new role.

You can buy prints of May’s mashups at his site’s store and through Etsy.

May isn’t just a graphic artist; he’s first and foremost a musician, making electronic music. His current musical project, City of Pyramids, will be completed in just a few weeks. Here’s his music video for his song “Breakdown,” which he animated:

MAD MAX v. Adventure Time [The City of Pyramids via Archie McPhee]