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The I Am Legend You Didn't Get To See

We've been curious to see the original ending of Will Smith's I Am Legend ever since we heard it was reshot last fall, and the sickly-sweet ending we saw in theaters only made us more curious. Now at last, the secret original ending turned up online a few days ago, thanks to the impending March 18 release of the Legend on DVD. Sadly, it's not much better than the theatrical version — but at least it doesn't suddenly turn into M. Night Shyamalan's Village. Which version do you prefer?


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I really liked this one because it doesn't sent the message that we can fix every thing. some times things get so messed up that you just have to learn to deal with things as they are. and I felt that it eased up on the whole god thing which I found irritating in the movie.

I thought this one gave us more hope. hope that man could learn to live with other poeple/things with out trying to change or destroy.